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Taking a short break for some end-of-year hibernating. See you in 2022 with new stock and plans!

OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace
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OCEANE | gemstone mala necklace

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    I like to go to the sea to feel my feels. I like to sit on the sand and watch the waves and tell the ocean what is on my mind. Somehow, the waves always seem to match how I feel. I bet you feel the same. The ocean can rage with you, howl, be still and quiet, reflect dazzling light. She can be anything.
    This mala is dedicated to her. And to you and all your feels.
    There are no correct emotions and wrong emotions, there is only how we feel in each given moment, and they all deserve to be felt by us. I made this mala to help you ride those waves, to embrace the eb and flood of your emotional landscape.


    ⬦ Made with sodalite, amazonite, green aventurine, snow quarts, clear quartz, and moss agate beads, 91 beads in total
    ⬦ A clear quartz guru bead
    ⬦ Hand knotted unto light grey thread of great quality with very little fraying potential
    ⬦ A deep ocean blue tassle made from 100% cotton (can be shortened if you so desire)
    ⬦ 61 cm long, from back to end of tassel



    Using a mala

    Malas are tools for meditation. You can use your mala in meditation or prayers by taking it into your hands and repeating an affirmation or mantra for every bead, while you pass the beads through your hand, touching each between your thumb and middle finger. If you enjoy meditation and want to deepen your practice, or you find it hard to keep your mind from wandering too far, a mala can be a wonderful tool for you.

    However, you can also use a mala without meditation. I don't meditate a lot and still I adore my malas. They are like a talisman around my neck. The act of choosing a mala and then choosing to wear it is a spell and intention in and of itself.

    As an added little bonus, I find my malas make nice little sensory tools. The smooth beads, the texture of the guru bead (the single bead at the end), the soft tassel, I am always happy to be wearing a mala necklace.

    Handmade with love

    All malas in my store and handmade by me. I tried many bead vendors before settling on these beautiful gemstone beads. I've tested many different types of thread before choosing the sturdy and gorgeous thread I use now (ever had a mala snap on you? That should be a thing of the past now!). And I only use 100% cotton for the tassels.

    I cram every bit of love and appreciation I can into every single mala, which I why mala launches are often few and far apart. I spend hours on a single mala necklace and honestly, I think it shows. And I bet you'll feel it when you open up your package.

    Something a little different

    Not quite finding what you're looking for? I also make custom malas. Just shoot me an email at and we'll work together to make you the mala of your dreams. Perhaps you have a colour scheme idea, are looking for a specific stone or are looking for a specific type of support from your mala. It's all good. Just reach out. I'm here for you.