I am Kim (they/she), a witch from the Netherlands. Over the years my idea of witchcraft and my practice has taken on many forms, but now I mostly find myself observing the turning of the seasons without and within, finding ways for my mental health and my witchery to support one another, and uncovering the sacred in everyday through ritual and reflection.

These are the threads I pull in and weave into my work. I write about the seasons and the phases we see in nature and we see in ourselves, I make and curate spiritual tools to support you in finding the sacred in the mundane, I compose teachings and offerings to help us along on our witchery path. Into all of this I stir a big ol' spoon of love in my cauldron before I send it out into the world, onto your path, because I care. A lot. Maybe a bit too much for a stranger on the internet.

Whether I am making an incense, writing a course or blog, scribbling a little note to go with your order, or recording a meditation - I care. I want to help, to be the hand that reaches out. Life is really damn hard and it is so much harder when we feel alone. I don't want you to feel alone on your witchcraft path, because you have me. I am your internet witch aunt.